Reasons for centrifuges for sludge and water treatment

- Dec 19, 2018-

When the centrifuge is used for sludge and water treatment, the centrifuge is mainly used as separation equipment and mud treatment equipment. Its characteristics are most suitable for the characteristics of mud water, the mud water is slightly viscous, and the centrifuge is used for sludge and water treatment. Made of steel, no filter, no filter cloth and other media, through the principle of centrifugal separation, the solid phase can be quickly settled to achieve the ideal separation state. Even a sticky substance does not affect its use.


The mud water has a high concentration and a large mass ratio, and the centrifuge is used for sludge and water treatment within the inherent drum volume range, and the power can withstand it without affecting its normal operation; the equipment has a belt filter. The degree of automation, the dosing process is more convenient than the belt filter, the amount is also slightly smaller, because the centrifuge is not in the process of dehydration, the belt filter is unavoidable; it is also cleaner and tidy. Will not overflow, nor will it go wrong.


Compared with other similar equipment, the centrifuge is simple to maintain and clean the sludge and water treatment. It does not need to be cleaned during use. Unless you have to stop it for a long time, you need to carry it for one to two minutes. Cleaning.