Repair and repair of decanter centrifuge

- Oct 13, 2020-

There are many points that we need to pay attention to when repairing the decanter centrifuge. Now the editor will introduce to you how to pay attention to these key points when repairing the decanter centrifuge to ensure that it can be solved during the repair. The problem is emerging.

If it is a bag-type coarse or medium-efficiency filter of a decanter centrifuge, under normal operating conditions, it should be replaced with a new one after 7-9 weeks of use. The filters of various types of decanter centrifuges are not allowed to open the packaging bag or packaging film. During the handling process, it should be handled with care to avoid strong vibration and bumps.

If it is to repair the decanter centrifuge high-efficiency filter, the tendency of the equipment must be precise: the connection between the filter and the structure in the vertical direction is prohibited from leakage, deformation, damage, and glue leakage. After maintenance, it is necessary to ensure that the inner wall is clean. For floating dust, oil stains, rust and debris, etc., when the corrugated plate combined filter is used in the vertical equipment, the corrugated plate must be straight on the ground.