Selection skills and separation efficiency of decanter centrifuge

- Jun 27, 2020-

In the case of ensuring the safety of the decanter centrifuge, the separation and processing of non-corrosive or corrosive materials can be relatively increased. The rotating speed of the separation drum of the horizontal centrifuge can be relatively increased. The large filter area of the drum is conducive to improving the separation efficiency. Increase the filtering area in the drum of the decanter centrifuge and work hard.
Use advantages of decanter centrifuge
1. Increase the filter lining, which can keep the tiny gap between the drums of the horizontal centrifuge and improve the water permeability;
2. Increase the cross-sectional area by increasing the V-shaped filter baffle.
The decanter centrifuge increases the centrifugal separation time of the materials. If necessary, a small number of dehydration methods can be used to reduce the amount of dewatering and filtering materials in each decanter centrifuge to ensure the effect of solid-liquid separation. Pretreatment is very important. Separation processing has viscous materials. Within the scope of the process, pretreatment operations such as washing should be carried out.
The decanter centrifuge extends the separation and processing capacity of the decanter centrifuge by measures to relatively increase the particle size of the solid phase material. Under the condition of unchanged process, it may be considered to add flocculant, coagulant, precipitation agent and other agents to improve the decanter centrifuge Separation efficiency.