Separation characteristics and application range of oil water separator centrifuge

- Sep 17, 2018-

In the separation operation of the oil water separator centrifuge, mainly by means of the centrifugal force, two or more liquids which are immiscible are quickly separated in the centrifuge due to the difference in density. This method belongs to centrifugal sedimentation separation and is much shorter than gravity settling time. A common oil-water separation centrifuge device is used to separate the components of the liquid solution.


That is to say, the oil water separator centrifuge can realize the separation of oil and water, mainly based on the difference in density between water and oil, and the separation of water and oil by the principle of centrifugal sedimentation. Due to the different specific gravity of water and oil, it will be stratified under the action of centrifugal force, and there will be diversion holes on the respective layers, and the water and oil will be separated by the diversion holes respectively. The machine can also be used to separate various difficult-to-separate emulsions, especially suitable for liquid-liquid separation with a small difference in two-phase density (specific gravity difference greater than 0.1%), as well as liquid, liquid and solid three-phase separation with small amounts of impurities. .


The main application range of oil water separator centrifuge: 1. Suitable for the separation of biological products, including fish oil, separation of shrimp oil, separation of hippocampus oil, etc.; separation of various juice syrups, separation of sea buckthorn oil and juice; Biodiesel degreasing, coal tar dehydration, sewage treatment, etc.