Separation principle and product characteristics of solid-liquid separation equipment

- Oct 22, 2018-

The solid-liquid separation centrifuge simulates the gravity acceleration caused by the high-speed rotation of the material around the center to simulate the gravity acceleration when the material is placed, so that the acceleration of the material reaches hundreds of times when it is at rest, greatly speeding up the sedimentation separation. The speed, so that the substances with different densities can be quickly separated to achieve complete solid-liquid separation.


Compared with other separation equipment, the solid-liquid separation centrifuge is highly automated because its feeding, separation, unloading, and other processes are continuously and automatically performed at high speed; and the programmable controller is used at the same time. Automatic control of solid-liquid separation and centrifugal washing process.


The solid-liquid separation centrifuge fully considers the special requirements of the materials and the process in the process, and implements the optimization design of the special components and adjustability for the main components. At the same time, it also shows the large torque and wide adjustment range. Features.


The solid-liquid separation centrifuge adopts dual-motor double-conversion energy feedback differential speed system control, flexible and stepless adjustment of the differential speed, and adjusts the differential speed according to the change of materials. It is a real energy-saving solid-liquid separation equipment. Because it separates the materials under completely closed conditions, it ensures that the operation site is clean and pollution-free, and keeps the production environment clean and hygienic, and achieves civilized production.