Separation requirements of vegetable oil decanter centrifuge and sedimentation process

- Feb 03, 2018-

When used, vegetable oil decanter centrifuge is a new type of horizontal screw discharge centrifuge. Its working principle is to use solid-liquid specific gravity difference and rely on the centrifugal field to make it expand thousands of times. The solid phase is under centrifugal force Under the action of being settled, so as to achieve solid-liquid separation, and were discharged under the action of special institutions.

V Vegetable oil decanter centrifuge when centrifugal Filtration because of its easy to clog the filter medium and the solid particles filter resistance is too large or excessive leakage of fine particles, the filter centrifuge can not achieve the desired separation effect, this time the decanter centrifuge has The filter incomparable advantages. Using the principle of centrifugal sedimentation, small particle size solid particles can be separated from the liquid phase.

The vegetable oil decanter centrifuge to a certain extent will be added to the suspension in the drum under the action of centrifugal force will form a ring of liquid layer, in which the settlement of solid particles to the drum wall so that it will directly form sediment. Clarified liquid through the drum overflow pipe or pipette discharge, said the separation liquid.

Vegetable oil settling centrifuge at the end of the separation, the effective use of its manual or mechanical removal of sediment. The solid particles also move axially with the liquid flow during settlement of the drum wall. When the feed rate is too large, the liquid particles flow to the overflow port and the fine particles that have not settled to the drum wall are discharged with the separation liquid Rotate the drum to make the separation liquid cloudy.

Vegetable oil decanter centrifuge in use when the solid-liquid phase density difference is small, the equipment of small solid particles or liquid viscosity difficult to separate the suspension should be effective in the separation factor of the sedimentation centrifuge, prolong the suspension in the drum In the time of stay (such as reducing the amount of feed or the use of long drums, etc.), to ensure that the clarification of the separation fluid.