Simple working principle and precautions for water treatment centrifuge

- May 31, 2019-

The water treatment centrifuge is a device that uses a centrifugal force to separate from the liquid phase non-uniform system. According to the sedimentation coefficient, mass, density, etc. of the substance, the method of using strong centrifugal force to separate, concentrate and purify the substance is called centrifugation. Centrifugation is the strong centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the centrifuge rotor, which accelerates the sedimentation velocity of the particles in the liquid, and separates the different sedimentation coefficient and buoyancy density of the sample.


Water treatment centrifuges have many advantages as a technique. Different methods and skills can be chosen based on different intentions. The solution can be divided into supernatant and sediment by ultracentrifugation, but the obtained deposition and supernatant are not uniform. If pure substance is required, the analysis should be selected. Density ultracentrifugation can be used to understand certain physical properties of a substance, such as sedimentation coefficient and approximate density, and to obtain a certain amount of relatively pure material.


When the water treatment centrifuge is in a pre-cooled state, the centrifuge lid must be closed, and the rotating head removed after centrifugation should be placed upside down on the table to dry the remaining water in the cavity. At this point, the centrifuge lid is open. When the rotor is pre-cooled, the rotor cover can be placed on the platform of the centrifuge or placed on the platform. After tightening, be sure to touch the gap between the front and the cover with your fingers. If there is a gap, open and tighten again until there is no gap before starting the centrifuge.


During the centrifugation of the water treatment centrifuge, the operator must not leave. In the event of an abnormal situation, the operator cannot turn off the power and press to stop. Do not use fake and inferior centrifuge tubes, do not use aging, deformation, cracking