Sludge dehydrator has strong decontamination ability and normal operation

- Feb 22, 2019-

During the operation of the Sludge dehydrator, its operators must always pay attention to its operation. If abnormal conditions are found, it is necessary to stop immediately to find out the cause. After the fault is removed, it can be restarted. Finally, check whether all equipment is in a normal state. Regularly add lubricant to the designated parts!

The Sludge dehydrator project can reduce the sludge treatment land occupation, and can directly treat the sludge in the aeration tank or the sludge in the secondary sedimentation tank. It does not need to set up the sludge concentration tank and the storage tank to save land occupation. Phosphorus removal function of the lifting system: The sludge is dehydrated under aerobic conditions to avoid the release of sludge phosphorus under anoxic or anaerobic conditions and improve the dephosphorization function of the system. Simple operation and management: no filter cloth, filter holes and other easy-to-tag components, safe and simple operation, combined with automatic dosing system, can achieve 24 hours unattended operation.

The Sludge dehydrator has strong decontamination ability, and it is easy to separate when it is operated, so that it will not be clogged. The Sludge dehydrator is environmentally friendly. It has no odor when used, no noise type, and does not require high pressure zone. Rinse, so it won't pollute next time. The Sludge dehydrator is very small in size, energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The unit power consumption is only 0.1kwh/kgDS, and the unit water consumption is only 0.03t/h.