Sludge dehydrator is easy to operate automatically

- Sep 10, 2018-

The whole sludge dehydrator sewage treatment device can achieve good results in practical application. It has the functions of integrated sludge dewatering and sludge concentration and dewatering, and has become sludge treatment in urban domestic sewage treatment and tap water production process. Important equipment in industrial and agricultural wastewater treatment projects. At present, most of the common ones are designed with large aspect ratio structure, which has the following characteristics in operation:


First, the whole process of sludge dehydrator operation is completely closed, which has no adverse effect on the site environment; secondly, the amount of flocculant and washing water is saved, and the daily operation cost is obviously reduced;

Third, the equipment has a compact layout and a small footprint, which can significantly reduce land acquisition and infrastructure investment.


That is to say, the sludge dehydrator has a large aspect ratio and a high rotation speed. Moreover, in the running state, the cutting and pulverizing, feeding, sludge discharging, conveying, flocculating agent feeding and monitoring of the whole system operating condition can be realized by the PLC+ liquid crystal panel control system. For the user, the unit is an ideal turnkey project as a fully automated set of operating units.