Sludge dewatering decanter centrifuge advantages and settlement process

- Jan 17, 2018-

Sludge dewatering decanter centrifuge can be used in the implementation of its automatic, continuous operation, long-term operation, easy maintenance, can work under pressure and low temperature. Sludge dewatering and sedimentation centrifuges stand-alone production capacity, processing capacity of 0.4 ~ 60m3 / h particle size of 2μm ~ 5mm, solid concentration of 1% to 50%, solid-liquid density difference greater than 0.05g / cm3. High separation factor, large drum aspect ratio design range, adjustable drum depth. Therefore, applicability, wide range of applications.

Sludge dewatering and sedimentation centrifuge in the use of the rigid shaft and the flexible shaft of the points, under normal circumstances on the operation speed is not too high, its rotor diameter is larger, in the use of its liquid flow better centrifuges usually Designed as a rigid shaft, the original research machine designed rigid shaft, its drum shaft diameter larger, the critical speed is greater than the working speed, drum shaft and bearing spacing, set large size bearings, the entire rotation axis The height of the system is correspondingly reduced. Due to the vibration problem when there is no critical speed, the vibration damping structure is correspondingly simplified, and the spherical support that the flexible shaft often needs is canceled.

Sludge dewatering decanter centrifuge main advantages of timely working speed to a certain extent, lower than the first-order critical speed, no critical speed when the vibration problem, you can operate in a wide speed range. Rigid shaft structure itself can be set to large-size bearings, bearing the stress state is better, can improve the life of the machine.

Sludge dewatering and sedimentation centrifuge centrifuges separated components centrifuges, when used in the drum will be added to the suspension, the effective formation of the centrifugal force of the annular liquid layer, in which the solid particles will be effective Of the settlement to the drum wall, it will directly form sediment. Clarified liquid through the drum overflow pipe or pipette discharge, said the separation liquid.

Sludge dewatering decanter centrifuge solid particles in the settling process to the drum wall, it will be effective as the axial flow of its liquid flow, the entire equipment when the feed is too large, it will be effective as it The liquid flows to the overflow port, and the fine particles that have not yet settled to the drum wall exit the drum with the separation liquid to make the separation liquid cloudy.