Sludge dewatering decanter centrifuge system composition

- Apr 02, 2018-

As a sludge dewatering device, a sludge dewatering decanter centrifuge has many advantages that other types of sludge dewatering equipment do not have. Because of this, sludge dewatering and decanter centrifuges have become more and more widely used in recent years. For the user, the device is an ideal turnkey project as a fully automated set of operating units.


The three advantages of sludge dewatering decanter centrifuges are as follows: 1. The equipment has been kept fully closed during operation, which will not cause adverse effects on the work site and can be kept clean without pollution; 2. Flocculants, cleaning water Low usage and low daily operating costs; 3, compact equipment layout, small footprint, can significantly reduce land acquisition and infrastructure investment.


Sludge dewatering decanter centrifuge main system components: sludge feed system, flocculant dosing system, specific agent dosing system, dewatering sludge transport system and electronic control system. The sludge feed system is mainly composed of a sludge cutting machine, a sludge feed pump, an electromagnetic flowmeter, a valve, and a pipeline.


For sludge dewatering decanter centrifuges, flocculant dosing systems are also an important part. Among them, the PT type dry powder automatic dosing device, dilution water device, dosing screw pump, valves and pipes are mainly composed of the PT type dry powder automatic dosing device. The system can realize fully automatic feeding, dissolution, curing, storage, metering and other processes. The whole process can realize unmanned operation and fully automatic operation.


Similarly, in the operation of the sludge dewatering decanter centrifuge, the specific gravity dosing system and the dewatering sludge transport system also have a great influence on the working effect of the equipment. The design of the non-shaft spiral can effectively prevent mud cake from clogging and winding.


In the sludge dewatering decanter centrifuge, its electronic control system is mainly composed of horizontal screw host, feed pump, dosing pump, dilution water pump, PLC control and related electrical component control box and LCD touch screen.