Sludge Dewatering Equipment maintenance requirements and installation precautions

- May 22, 2018-

Sludge dewatering equipment is mainly used to process sludge resources in the process of use, effectively reducing its pollution and being able to be reused. Sludge dewatering equipment handles contaminated matters such as sludge all the year round, and equipment will inevitably be contaminated. Sludge causes problems with the fuselage, so in order to extend the working time of the equipment and improve the working efficiency of the equipment, it is particularly important to maintain and maintain the equipment.

Dewatering equipment maintenance requirements

1. The bearing of sludge dewatering equipment, to a certain extent, mainly bears the entire weight of the equipment. To a certain extent, good and regular lubrication can effectively increase the life of the bearing, and bearing operation also directly affects The operating rate of the entire equipment, pay attention to the oil must be clean and good sealing.

2. Sludge dewatering equipment will effectively aim at the phenomenon of frequent loosening of tires. To a certain extent, sludge dewatering equipment should be frequently inspected. When it is used, the working status of each part of the equipment must be inspected frequently. The degree of wear of the parts should be daily. Observe the records so that parts can be replaced at any time.

Sludge dewatering equipment to a certain extent, mainly to use dehydration and concentration of new integrated separation technology, in the field of sewage treatment for our country has added a very advanced choice of dehydration mode. At the same time, it can effectively save energy and water, and truly achieve environmental protection.

Sludge dewatering equipment installation need to pay attention to what issues

1. Sludge dewatering equipment should pay attention to the choice of weather during installation. Do not install the power line of sludge dewatering equipment during thunderstorms.

2. In any case where sludge dewatering equipment is installed during the installation of the designed components, it must be effectively cut off before the power is cut off. After all the work is completed, the power supply can be connected back.

3. Sludge dewatering equipment will have its own independent electrical switch to a certain extent. When it is not running, it can not be common with other equipment. Otherwise, it will directly lead to its insufficient voltage, which will directly affect the abnormal operation of equipment and occur. The danger of fire.