Solid-liquid separation centrifuge performance

- Jan 11, 2018-

Solid-liquid separation centrifuge to adapt before you first know the chemical composition of the material to be processed, the viscosity of PH value, the material is a suspension or emulsion and their solid, liquid concentration, raw material solid particles coarse or thin, As well as operating temperature and so on.

Solid-liquid separation centrifuges in industrial production, its various forms of the suspension will encounter, under normal circumstances, the larger particle diameter within the suspension. The viscosity of a suspension increases with the increase of solid matter. For oil and industrial services, especially in environmentally sensitive areas, Comstock vertical centrifuges, also known as chip dryers, are particularly effective in drilling wastewater treatment with high recovery rates that significantly reduce the cost of mud replenishment and disposal .

Solid-liquid separation centrifuge corrosion performance, centrifuges generally have a corrosive material separation, contact with the material of the material must be able to meet the requirements of corrosion-resistant to ensure safe use. Structural material types, seals, gaskets, surface treatment measures, as well as the material of the filter cloth should be determined at the time of selection. In the selection of the nature of the material will be informed to the manufacturer, so that the manufacturer can be based on the characteristics of the media proposed centrifuge centrifuge material selection recommendations to ensure that the corrosion of the centrifuge requirements.

Solid-liquid separation centrifuge explosion-proof performance, when used in the equipment to deal with the material if it contains organic solvents and other flammable materials, so centrifuges should have explosion-proof performance. Explosion-proof performance as the explosion-proof process requirements (level) to determine. Previous explosion-proof occasions involved, but put forward the configuration of explosion-proof motor, the past two years, for the processing of materials containing solvents and other organic solvents occasions, most of them proposed nitrogen protection requirements.