Solid-liquid separation centrifuge theory

- Mar 07, 2018-

The purpose of solid-liquid separation centrifuge is very clear, that is, the two solid-liquid phase completely separated, so as to obtain their pure components, that is, solid and liquid. For now, solid-liquid separation centrifuges used in solid-liquid separation methods are mainly two, namely, sedimentation separation and filtration. , And sedimentation separation can be divided into gravity settlement and centrifugal sedimentation.


Since the solid is a dispersed phase and the liquid is a continuous phase in a solid-liquid suspension system, the solid is excessively concentrated from a highly dispersed state to a concentrated state in the separation process. In sedimentation separation need to rely on the movement of solid particles, the lower the solid concentration, the more conducive to the progress of this process. On the contrary, the filter is moving in the liquid phase, so less liquid-containing phase that is beneficial when the solid concentration is high.


If you choose to use solid-liquid separation centrifuge sedimentation separation, it often requires the addition of filter aid to improve efficiency, and these filter aids are mostly rigid, porous, highly permeable particles, after adding slurry to increase its filtration performance.


Gravity sedimentation of solid-liquid separation centrifuge is the use of gravity sedimentation nature of liquid separation, out of gravity due to the use of extra energy without the need, so its economy is very obvious. In order to achieve solid-liquid separation, we must first provide sufficient settlement area, and secondly in order to speed up the settlement of solid particles terminal velocity, the need to use coagulation and flocculation technology.


Let's talk about the principle of centrifugal sedimentation centrifuge solid-liquid centrifuge, which is the use of high-speed rotation of objects produced strong centrifugal force, the suspended particles placed in the rotating body sedimentation or floating, so that some of the particles to concentrate or with other particles Method of separation of purpose.


When the solid-liquid separation centrifuge rotor rotates at a high speed, when the density of the suspended particles is greater than the density of the surrounding medium, the particles move away from the axis and settle. If the density of the particles is lowe