Speed, material and differential control requirements for horizontal type spiral centrifuge

- Jun 26, 2019-

The horizontal type spiral centrifuge selects its suitable decanter centrifuge in the process of work, which not only can solve production problems, improve work efficiency, but also save production costs and reduce operational risks.


The main factors affecting the selection are the following:


1. Rotating speed of horizontal screw centrifuge: Generally, the horizontal screw centrifuge should be above 3000 rpm. The higher the speed, the higher the separation factor of the centrifuge, the better the separation effect.


2. The material of the horizontal spiral centrifuge: different materials have different physical and chemical indexes such as wear resistance and corrosion resistance. The foreign horizontal screw centrifuge is generally made of 316L or duplex stainless steel, and the abrasive components must be made of ceramic composite materials.


3. Differential control of horizontal spiral centrifuge: different differentials have different control precision and longevity

The maintenance cost is very different, the higher the differential accuracy, the better the adaptability to materials, so it is better to use equipment with high differential accuracy.


4. Aspect ratio: The larger the aspect ratio of the decanter centrifuge, the greater the processing capacity and the lower the moisture content.


5. Control system: Whether it is automatic programming control, domestic and foreign equipment manufacturers have basically realized the full automation control of the equipment.


6. Installation power: The control of energy consumption is affected, the energy consumption ratio of equipment in general is high, and the energy consumption ratio of foreign countries is low.


7. Processing and production process: The horizontal screw centrifuge is a separation equipment required for high-precision machining. The products produced by enterprises without finishing ability have high maintenance rate and limited processing capacity.