Splitting control and service life of PP spun filter cartridge making machine

- Apr 26, 2018-

The PP spun filter cartridge making machine has a smooth cutting effect during operation, and the use of the infrared alert system enables the paper speed to match the print speed of the filter paper. As an alternative method, folded filter paper can be used to complete the upper and lower blades of the blade adjustment device filter, and different fold-back requirements, precise dimensions, and smoothness can be achieved.

The PP spun filter cartridge making machine can filter out the impurities contained in the air and in the oil through the filter device to ensure the service life and performance of the receiving device. Filter equipment is composed of several parts, mainly including paper racks, pre-cutting paper feeders, printers, automatic counters, filter paper folding machines, shears, coiling machines, pressure welding machines, and folding machines. The parts and the parts cooperate to achieve a good filtering effect.

PP spun filter cartridge making machine to the slitting and feeding machine can be steplessly regulated by the motor, which can accurately adjust the slitting size and is very convenient for operation. The slitting effect of the filter element equipment is very smooth, with infrared monitoring. The system can keep the paper feed speed consistent with the printer's print filter paper speed.

A three- or four-stage filtration water purifier in the PP spinning filter making machine, PP cotton or hollow fiber in the first filter element of the water inlet, then after use for a period of time, must be replaced, because PP Cotton and hollow fibers cannot be cleaned, so they need to be changed frequently, otherwise they will cause plugging of the filter device, and the plugging will rot, ferment, smell, and make filtered tap water subject to a second contamination.