Status and development trend of sludge treatment and disposal industry

- Oct 27, 2020-

1. Current status of sludge treatment and disposal market
With the continuous improvement of sewage treatment capacity and sewage treatment rate, the sludge output of sewage treatment plants has also increased; however, in the development of sewage treatment in China, although sludge is one of the important links in the sewage treatment process, due to Long-term lack of understanding and neglect. The problem of sludge disposal in urban sewage treatment plants in China has been put on hold for a long time, and the development of sludge disposal is quite lagging. On the one hand, the technical route of sludge treatment and disposal in China is not yet clear; The policy system for sludge treatment and disposal has not been established, and the problems left over from history have made the sludge dilemma more and more serious. Today, when water pollution is getting worse and the water environment is deteriorating, a sewage treatment system without consideration for safe sludge disposal is incomplete The problem of secondary pollution caused by sludge has become increasingly prominent, and the problem of sludge has reached a point that cannot be ignored. We urgently need to solve the problem of safe disposal of sludge.
Without the support of policies such as technology and fees, basic research on sludge and scientific analysis of technical routes, and a lack of continuous investment and financing mechanisms, my country’s sludge disposal development still has a long way to go. At present, a large number of water engineering and solid waste engineering companies have paid attention to this problem and have begun to look for opportunities to enter the sludge treatment and disposal market. However, judging from the current sludge treatment market in my country, there is currently no large-scale professional sludge treatment company. With the further formation and development of the sludge treatment market in my country, a large number of technical and good operational capabilities will be required. The sludge specialized construction and operation company.
In this context, in the foreseeable future, the sludge treatment market will enter a space without ceilings, and this market is currently in its infancy. For sludge treatment companies, who should enter the market first and gain market opportunities , Whoever will gain the initiative in the future huge market.

2. Development trend of sludge treatment and disposal market
At the "2010 China Urban Sludge Treatment and Disposal Technology and Application Advanced Seminar" held in Qinhuangdao in April 2010, experts said: "In 2009, 1992 urban sewage treatment plants were put into operation nationwide, with 28 billion cubic meters of sewage treated. Meters, it produces about 20,05 million tons of sludge with a moisture content of about 80%. With more than 2,000 sewage treatment plants under construction being put into operation, the total annual sludge production in the country will soon exceed 30 million tons. The sewage treatment is about to end. Sludge treatment and disposal have just started."