String wound filter cartridge making machine use areas and purification requirements

- Jan 25, 2018-

String wound filter cartridge making machine is mainly used in the field of beverage, foodstuff, water purification, grease, pharmacy, chemical industry, electronics, environmental protection and other industries. Winding filter making machine can be used for winding various yarn, Wound filter special molding machine. The winding machine with high speed, good yarn molding, full stop line, line change fast, low energy consumption and many other features.

String wound filter cartridge making machine technical parameters

1. Winding machine winding speed: 60-320m / min.

2. Winding maximum diameter: 200mm (winding diameter greater than 200 mm can be customized to a limited extent).

3. Power: ac380 / 220v 50hz.

4. Motor power: 180w / spindle 250w / spindle motor speed: 2800r / min.

5. Winding skeleton material: POM, stainless steel, etc. according to customer's choice.

6. Winding skeleton diameter: 26,28,29,30,32,40,65 mm and so on.

Reciprocal trip: generally divided into: 5 '(125 +2 mm), 10' (250 +4 mm), 20 '(500 +8 mm), 30' (750 +12 mm), 40 '(1000 +16 mm), other Reciprocating trips can be customized to a limited extent.

8. Single spindle panel size: (width × height) 390 × 308mm

The filter cartridge produced by the string wound filter cartridge making machine enables the contaminated medium to be purified so that it can reach the cleanliness required in our production and in our daily life with a certain level of cleanliness. Filter elements are used in a wide range of applications, ranging from industrial processes such as iron and steel smelting, power generation, marine purification and the like, small drinking water treatment, domestic waste utilization, automobile fuel filtration, bicycle lubricant filtration, etc. , Clean technology in our lives are using filters, filters.