Structural Design Features of Solid Decanter Centrifuge

- Jun 13, 2018-

As a new type of separation equipment, solid decanter centrifuges are mainly separated by the solid-liquid specific gravity principle in actual operation. Under the action of the centrifugal force field, it can be expanded to several thousand times. The solid phase is settled under the action of centrifugal force to achieve solid-liquid separation, and is discharged from the body under the action of a special mechanism of a solid decanter centrifuge.


In general, the use of solid decanter centrifuges can achieve the desired separation effect, which can separate the solid particles with very small particle size from the liquid phase. The reason why it has such characteristics is inseparable from the structural design of the device itself. This type of centrifuge has a rigid shaft and a flexible shaft. In general, centrifuges that are not very fast in operation, have a large rotor diameter, and have good fluidity are usually designed as rigid shafts.


At the same time, with the development of technology, the drum structure and feed method of solid decanter centrifuges have also been improved. At present, the drum structure includes a positive cup type and an inverted cup type, and the corresponding feeding methods include an upper feed and a lower feed. At present, most of the domestic use of the inverted cup and under the feeding method, its advantage is to shorten the length of the spindle, simplify the upper structure, and make slag slag fast, less pollution on the top of the operation.


Moreover, in the arrangement, the process piping is often arranged below the drum of the solid decanter centrifuge, which is conducive to lifting, overhauling, and solving the sealing problem of the drum. In the process of discharging and slagging, the clearing chamber, cone and slag mouth switching devices are usually used. The clear liquid chamber is an annular groove formed by connecting the cone bottom and the cylinder body, and there is a clear liquid outlet tube inside. High-speed water splashes spirally onto the shell into the clearing chamber.


In the solid decanter centrifuge, the conical bottom is usually set on the lower part of the cylinder. The feed tube nozzle, high-pressure water nozzle and slag discharge port are fixed on the cone. The slag port switching device is located at the bottom of the cone and it is composed of Nuclear valve electric device, wearing the shaft, switch tank, cone and other components. When separating at high speed, the collision between the feed and the liquid dispersion plate forms droplets that collect through the solid decanter centrifuge cone and return through the return port to the feed tank.