System operation sequence and usage requirements of Volute Dewatering Press

- May 17, 2018-

In the process of starting the preparation of the volute dewatering machine, it is necessary to effectively inspect its sufficient lubrication oil for each lubrication area, and to effectively check whether there is leakage at the joint of the pneumatic system piping and the valve during use. In the case of use, check the mud and water and the flexibility of all valves in the drug line. Open the line manual valve.

The Volute Dewatering Press needs to check whether the power supply voltage is normal to a certain extent, and effectively check whether the electrical switch and the filter belt protection device are reset when used. Before starting the equipment, it is necessary to check carefully whether the filter belt corrective detection arm and the filter tape position of the machine terminal are in the correct position, and whether the manual corrective action of the corrective device is normal. Otherwise, blind opening will seriously damage the filter belt and the switch.

The Volute Dewatering Press needs to check whether the sludge level is normal to a certain extent. To a certain extent, the working mode selection switch can be toggled, and the working mode can be selected.

System operation sequence of Volute Dewatering Press

1. The Volute Dewatering Press can effectively start the air compressor, the main drive of the filter section, the air-to-air operation, the flushing pump, etc. during the operation. When it is in use, it starts the dosing pump and the sludge pump. When running, it can be used to control the dosing flow machine. During the operation, the dosing pump speed can be set accordingly, so that the sludge can be flocculated into the optimum state. This process is based on experimental data from the very beginning, and adjustments should be made based on flocculation during actual operations.

2. Scroller dehydrator needs to effectively observe the condition of its infiltrated cloth and the condition of gravity dehydration. It can effectively adjust its electric valve and control the amount of mud when it is used.

3. Set the feed flow rate and the height of the board, observe the effects of flocculation and gravity dewatering, and adjust the dosing flow so as to obtain the minimum dosing flow under the optimal flocculation effect.

4. Observe the thickness of the filter cake, the moisture content of the filter cake, adjust the feed amount of the sludge, the straining force of the filter belt, the operating speed of the filter belt in the concentrating section and the filter section to obtain the maximum production volume.