Talk about the cooling and vibration of the decanter centrifuge

- Aug 25, 2020-

At present, the use of decanter centrifuges is becoming more and more common. The reason why many users choose this equipment is mainly because it has many advantages at the same time, which can bring us practical help in practical applications. As users, we also need to abide by specific rules of use and operate reasonably when using the decanter centrifuge.

In other words, during the daily use of the decanter centrifuge, good operating habits should be developed to ensure that the equipment can operate normally. During the operation of the equipment, the cooling and vibration issues are two issues that are closely related to its operating state. Let's mainly analyze this aspect.

First of all, about the cooling care of the decanter centrifuge. In fact, in order to ensure the stable and normal operation of the equipment, we need timely lubrication care. On the one hand, lubrication care can reduce friction and avoid serious wear. On the other hand, it plays a role of cooling and can maintain the normal operation of the equipment. If there is a problem with lubrication, it will inevitably affect the production of equipment.

More importantly, if the lubrication is improper, it will not only cause abnormal operation of the decanter centrifuge, but may even cause safety hazards. Therefore, in response to this requirement, we need to ensure that the quality of the lubricating oil used meets the standards, and that the amount of oil is sufficient, so that the equipment is fully and reasonably lubricated.

Secondly, during operation, due to certain factors, the decanter decanter centrifuge may also experience abnormal vibration. How to solve it?

For this situation, the staff must first pay attention to observe the operating status of the decanter centrifuge. Once an abnormality is found, effective measures should be taken immediately. In addition, the fasteners and connections in the decanter centrifuge should be checked regularly. To ensure a good connection.