Talking about the field maintenance of the decanter centrifuge

- Dec 17, 2020-

1. Cleaning method: clean with hot water for 5 minutes after stopping the machine, then park, and repeat 3 times. Cleaning frequency setting: host 10HZ, auxiliary machine 6HZ. Parking presented during the production process is also necessary before driving next time Clean, the residue on the slag outlet should be cleaned every two days.

2. The centrifuge sometimes does not produce slag for a long time. If the current of the host is in a comparison
It is reasonable that there is no slag in the stable condition; if the current of the main machine of the decanter is unstable and has a rising trend, perhaps the load current of the main machine exceeds 35A. Under this condition, the appearance of internal material blocking is most likely to be present. At this time, it should be stopped immediately. Clean the interior of the decanter. Decanter centrifuge

3. The separation of the liquid is relatively simple under normal conditions. Equipment operating frequency
Either high or low can produce slag. The biggest advantage of dual frequency conversion equipment is the convenience of adjustment. If the slag demand is dry, the difference can be increased, and the demand can be wet, and the difference can be reduced. It is recommended that the equipment is normal Under operating conditions, the frequency of the main machine is 28HZ-40HZ, and the frequency of the auxiliary machine is adjusted between 16HZ-35HZ.

4. The current feeding screw pump frequency is maintained at 40HZ-45HZ. The main engine load current is 26A-29A, and the auxiliary engine load current is about 6A. Always pay attention to whether the centrifuge current has changed during the production process. Anyway, equipment During the operation, pay more attention to investigating the operation status (frequency, current, whether it is oscillation, etc.) and the change of the slagging status, especially the cleaning operation should be carried out immediately when the decanter is stopped.

5. In one week, the screw bearings of the equipment differential and the large and small ends of the drum should be filled with grease on time. The main bearing oil (in the oil tank) must be replaced every six months.

6. The horizontal screw machine must reach the set frequency before it can feed.

7. The 2# decanter machine (factory number 123) used for leaching liquid filtration found that the equipment has too large oscillations, and the dynamic balance of the equipment is suspected to be damaged due to wear and tear. It is recommended to organize the return to the factory for overhaul.

8. The 1# horizontal screw machine (factory number 124) used for leaching liquid filtration found that the smooth oil pressure gauge appeared to be zero. By cleaning the oil system and replacing the pressure gauge, the current equipment is operating normally.