Technical advantages of PP spun filter cartridge making machine

- Feb 11, 2019-

At present, the filter element usually consists of a central tube with a hollow structure inside, and an end cap for mounting the filter element at both ends of the central tube. In the prior art, when the filter element is produced, it is necessary to manually inject the end cover, and then the glued end cover is fixed to both ends of the center tube through the machine, which consumes a large amount of labor and seriously affects The production efficiency of the filter element; at the same time, due to the manual injection, it is inevitable that there is uneven injection, which affects the production quality of the filter element.
In order to avoid errors and mistakes caused by manual operation and effectively improve production efficiency, an automatic PP spinning filter manufacturing machine has been introduced. It comprises a console and two first conveying means for conveying the end caps, and further comprising second conveying means for conveying the horizontally placed filter element central tubes in a linear manner in a linear manner, each of said first conveying means The output ends are sequentially provided with an end cap gripping device and a glue injection device.
In the automatic PP spun filter cartridge making machine, the feeding box and the horizontally arranged conveying portion are arranged obliquely along the conveying direction of the central tube of the filter element, and the feeding box is provided with a jacking device for lifting the central tube of the filter element to the conveying portion, and transmitting A plurality of arc-shaped positioning grooves corresponding to the central tube of the filter element are sequentially disposed on the portion. While ensuring quality, it also effectively improves production efficiency.