Technical characteristics of stainless steel folding meltblown filter element equipment

- Mar 12, 2020-

Technical characteristics of meltblown filter element equipment:
● The system is easy to operate and can be controlled automatically.
● Can be directly used in high temperature and corrosive environment.
● Excellent on-line anti-cleaning regeneration and low running cost.
● The system has good stability and can run continuously for a long time.
● The inner and outer surface of the filter is pickled and passivated, and the interior can be sprayed with fluorine to improve corrosion resistance.
● The high-precision processing of internal structural parts ensures that each filter element has no side leakage.

Filter elements for meltblown filter elements:
① stainless steel folding filter
② stainless steel powder unsintered filter
③Stainless steel metal sintered felt filter element
④ Metal microporous membrane filter element ⑤ Microporous titanium rod filter element

Typical applications of meltblown filter element equipment: PTA / CTA mother liquor recovery system, PTA refined catalyst (Pd \ C) catalyst recovery system, crude terephthalic acid (CTA) recovered in PTA production, and purified terephthalic acid (PTA) recovered in PTA production ).

Filtration of catalytic cracking device oil slurry, purification of catalytic cracking catalyst charging tank exhaust gas, purification of exhaust catalyst for catalytic cracking, and purification of flue gas for catalytic cracking regenerator
Filtration of hydrogenated feedstock, hydrocracking feed, filtration of circulating oil.
Filtration of aviation fuel oil.
Filtration of heavy coking distillate oil.
Filtration of a sulphur unit amine treatment effluent.
Coal to olefin catalyst recovery system.