Technical Features of Decanter Centrifuge

- Aug 13, 2020-

The decanter decanter centrifuge is more adaptable to materials, that is to say, users can adjust various structures and technical parameters of the inner spiral to adapt to the separation of finer particles and other difficult-to-separate materials. Decanter centrifuges are mainly used to complete solid-phase dehydration of suspensions with a difference in solid-liquid specific gravity, liquid phase clarification, particle size classification, concentration and other processes.

In comparison, decanter decanter centrifuge equipment has many advantages. It not only achieves a large processing capacity per unit time, but also has a small footprint, can be operated continuously, and has low operating costs. It is an efficient, high-performance , Energy saving and environmental protection equipment. Next, we will briefly introduce the technical characteristics of the equipment.

First of all, a decanter decanter centrifuge can maintain a large processing capacity under normal operation, and has stable and reliable performance, energy saving and environmental protection, and a small footprint. Secondly, involute planetary gear differentials are often used in this equipment to ensure large transmission ratio and high accuracy. In addition, the main bearings in the equipment generally use high-quality imported bearings, which can ensure stable and reliable operation and long service life.

Moreover, the decanter centrifuge has multiple protection functions at the same time, so users can use it with confidence. For example, a variety of safety overload protection devices are provided to ensure safe and reliable use. In addition, during production, it can be divided into ordinary and explosion-proof electronic control systems to adapt to different working conditions. All parts in contact with materials are made of high-quality stainless steel materials, and important parts are forged.

In addition to the above, the inner and outer drums of a decanter centrifuge with excellent performance adopt a multi-cone angle and large aspect ratio structure to ensure large processing capacity and dry discharge. Moreover, the slag outlet and the screw pushing surface are treated with hard alloy materials to ensure the wear resistance of the decanter centrifuge.