The 12th Shanghai International Water treatment Exhibition

- Mar 15, 2019-

Aquatech China Enviroment  2019
The 12th Shanghai International Water treatment Exhibition.
June 3-5, 2019 Shanghai | National Convention and Exhibition Center (Hongqiao).

Global High quality International Water Exhibition
Shanghai International Water Exhibition is a very large-scale water treatment exhibition platform around the world. the purpose of Shanghai International Water Exhibition is to integrate traditional municipal, civil and industrial water treatment with comprehensive environmental management and intelligent environmental protection, and to create a trade exchange platform with industry influence. As the annual feast of the water industry, the Shanghai International Water Exhibition, with a display area of 250000 square meters, consists of 10 sub-exhibition areas. in 2018, it not only attracted nearly 100000 professional spectators from more than 72 countries and regions. It also brought together 3400 exhibitors from more than 23 countries and regions. The cutting-edge technologies and products demonstrated at the exhibition cover three major fields: municipal, civil and industrial, including: sewage treatment, sludge disposal, water engineering, environmental monitoring, ecological restoration, industrial pure water, civil water purification, and building water supply and drainage systems. As well as membrane, instruments, pump valve pipeline, pharmacy, sterilization and disinfection and other major equipment and related supporting components, to provide viewers with a complete water industry chain environmental protection technology and service solutions. In addition, through cooperation with a number of international innovation and technology institutions, associations, and industry media, the Shanghai International Water Exhibition has launched nearly 100 thematic forums and events, enabling viewers to meet with senior experts in the industry and peer elites face to face. In-depth understanding of classic projects and hot technology applications in various countries, and have the opportunity to grasp the new concepts and new technology value of the industry in advance, so as to provide assistance for business cooperation and career development!

As part of the Expo series, With Shanghai International pump Pipe Valve Exhibition, Shanghai International Air New Air Exhibition, Shanghai International solid waste Gas Exhibition, Shanghai International Architectural Water Exhibition, Shanghai International Water Exhibition and other exhibitions under the auspices of the World Environment Association to form a whole industrial chain pattern and a strong scale effect. Three days of wonderful succession, worthy of every industry insiders to savor!