The adaptability and operating characteristics of the decanter centrifuge

- Jul 25, 2018-

The horizontal screw centrifuge is a horizontal spiral discharge and continuous operation sedimentation equipment. During operation, the drum and the spiral rotate at the same speed in the same direction, and the material of the horizontal screw centrifuge is composed of The feed pipe is continuously introduced into the inner spiral of the feed screw, so that it can be accelerated into the drum. Under the action of the centrifugal force field, a heavier solid phase deposits on the drum wall to form a sediment layer.

The conveying screw of the decanter centrifuge will continuously push the deposited solid phase to the end of the drum cone, and the inner layer liquid will be directly formed in the lighter liquid phase outside the discharge machine which is effectively discharged through the slag discharge port. The ring is continuously overflowed from the drum by the overflow end of the drum, and is discharged out of the machine through the drain port. The machine can continuously feed, separate, wash and discharge at full speed. It has the characteristics of compact structure, continuous operation, stable operation, strong adaptability, large production capacity and convenient maintenance.

The larger the aspect ratio of the decanter centrifuge, the greater the processing capacity, and the lower the moisture content, which affects the control of energy consumption, the high energy consumption ratio of domestic equipment, and the low energy consumption ratio of foreign countries. The horizontal screw centrifuge is a separation equipment required for high-precision machining. The products produced by enterprises that do not have the finishing ability have high maintenance rate and limited processing capacity.