The advantages of volute sludge dewatering machine

- Apr 12, 2018-

Volute sludge dewatering machine is not easy to block in the process of operation, in the use of self-cleaning function, in the use of the need to prevent the filter plug from clogging and cleaning, to a certain extent, reducing the flushing Water consumption will reduce the burden of internal circulation to some extent.

Volute sludge dewatering machine is generally good at dehydration of oily sludge, and it operates at low speed during operation. Its screw shaft speed is about 2~3 rpm, and the consumption of electrodes is low. Therefore, during operation, there are few failures, noise, vibration, and operation safety.

Volute sludge dewatering machine is easy to operate

1. Superfluous Sludge Dewatering Machine effectively passes through its electric control cabinet to a certain extent, and when used, it can be directly linked with the effervescent machine, in-sludge pump and dosing pump to achieve 24-hour continuous unmanned operation.

2. The daily maintenance time of the Shallow Sludge Dewatering Machine is short and maintenance work is simple.

Volute sludge dewatering machine is durable

1. The whole spiral sludge dewatering machine adopts its stainless steel material as a whole, so that it can maximize its service life.

2. The spiral screw dewatering machine only replaces the screw shaft and the traveler in the replacement parts, so that the cycle will become longer when it is used.

Volute sludge dewatering machine cost reduction

1. The product specifications are diversified and the series is complete. For different processing scales, the most suitable model can be selected to avoid oversizing.

2. The Shallow Loose Sludge Dewatering Machine is very compact in the process of design. The entire equipment is concentrated and dewatered and integrated. It will have its own auxiliary equipment such as electric control cabinet and sludge flocculation mixing tank, which is highly compatible with supporting equipment. For easy design.

3. The entire equipment is mainly based on its small design, which is convenient for local conditions and can reduce the space and construction costs of the dewatering machine itself.

4. With the sludge concentration function, it is not necessary to condense and store units to reduce the overall land occupation space and construction costs of the sewage treatment facilities.