The characteristics of three-legged two phase decanter centrifuge

- Mar 16, 2018-

The three-legged two phase decanter centrifuge is a vertical centrifuge that is intermittently operated and manually unloaded. The three-legged two-phase decanter centrifuge is used to reduce the swing of the drum and facilitate the disassembly. After that, the drum, the shell, and the linkage device are directly fixed on the base. And for the base, the rod is hung on the three pillars, so it will also be called a three-legged two-phase decanter centrifuge.


When it comes to the main characteristics of the three-legged two phase decanter centrifuge, first of all, we actually need to pay attention to its own separation efficiency is relatively low, under normal circumstances, that is, it will be more appropriate to carry out processing more easily The separated material, because of the intermittent operation, in order to avoid frequent unloading and cleaning, the treated material generally has a low solid content (about 3% to 5%).


The three-legged two phase decanter centrifuge is relatively simple in structure and relatively low in price, and is very adaptable in performance. Commonly used for small and medium-sized production, the main application is that it will be applied to the dewatering of the slurry that is not required to be high, the liquid water purification, and then the useful solid particles can be directly recovered from the waste liquid.


When a three-legged two-phase decanter centrifuge is used in practice, it can achieve a separation factor of 15,000 to 65,000. The rotation speed is generally 16000r/min, and it is suitable for the clarification of suspensions with a solid content less than 1%, solid particle size of less than 5μm, relatively large viscosity, or for a small difference between light and heavy liquid phase densities, Highly dispersed emulsions and separation of liquid-liquid-solid three-phase mixtures.


The three-foot two phase decanter centrifuge has a relatively small stand-alone capacity and needs to stop to remove sediment from the drum. For a three-legged two-phase decanter centrifuge itself, there will be a slim, high-speed rotating drum. And for the purpose of lengthening the length of the drum, that is, in order to increase the residence time of the material in the drum. The separation type is used for solid-liquid separation, and the clarification type is also used for liquid-solid three-phase separation.