The composition and operating characteristics of 3 phase separation centrifuge

- Apr 04, 2018-

The components of the 3 phase separation centrifuge include: drum, screw, main motor, belt drive system, mechanical differential, stand, housing, feed tube, bearing, shock absorber; vibration switch, on-site Emergency switch and dehydration system integrated start control cabinet. The 3-phase separation centrifuge uses the difference in specific gravity between the three to achieve separation under the centrifugal force generated by high-speed rotation.


From its operating results, it can be seen that with the continuous operation of the three-phase separation centrifuge, the solid phase deposited on the drum wall is conveyed by the screw conveyor to the small end of the drum and bi-directionally squeezed at the cone end of the drum. Pressure, further increase the solid content of the sediment, and finally discharged outside the body at the slag outlet of the small end of the drum. The separated light and heavy liquid phases are discharged from the light and heavy liquid phase outlets of the drum, respectively, into the corresponding collection pipes or storage tanks.


Due to the high specification of technical parameters and the extraordinarily large length-to-diameter ratio, the clarification and dewatering residence time of the material in the 3 phase separation centrifuge can be prolonged, and the recovery rate of each phase can be improved. The device also uses a high-speed, adjustable differential system to dynamically adjust the differential speed while providing powerful centrifugal force to achieve dynamic stability of the separation effect of each phase.


And this 3 phase separation centrifuge has good adaptability and can be used in different environments. Especially suitable for light and heavy liquid phase demanding conditions. The use of high-torque planetary geared mechanical differentials has a wide range of output torque, which can meet the requirements of different materials for pushing and reduce energy consumption. According to customer needs, we can change different materials and structures to meet a variety of different customer needs.


In addition to these performance characteristics, in fact, the overall structure design of the 3-phase separation centrifuge is compact and reasonable, which makes it occupy a small space and reduce investment costs. Moreover, the connection interface of the 3-phase separation centrifuge is reasonable and easy to install. The structural design of each part is reasonable and easy to maintain.