The difference between Stainless steel decanter centrifuge

- Jan 25, 2019-

The stainless steel decanter centrifuge has advanced manufacturing technology and excellent balance property, and is mainly composed of a driving part, a rotating part and a lubricating part. Such centrifuges are widely used in crystalline and granular products such as synthetic fiber resins, polyvinyl chloride, calcium carbonate, talc, starch, melamine and the like.


The stainless steel decanter centrifuge drum is a closed barrel. The working principle of the equipment is to achieve solid-liquid two-phase separation by centrifugal force. It is suitable for a wide range of materials. For example, the viscosity of the material is large, and the small solid particles can be achieved by increasing the centrifugal force. The requirement of solid-liquid two-phase separation has the characteristics of faster sedimentation rate, that is, when the solid material is close to the "sand beach", the liquid can be discharged from the pores.


The filter centrifuge device rotates the drum to open the hole, and the additional filter medium can realize the solid-liquid two-phase separation centrifuge by intercepting. We collectively refer to the filter centrifuge. The filter centrifuge is suitable for the material viscosity and the solid phase particles are not easily deformed. (such as crystal) solid phase particles larger and small batch production conditions, mostly used for industrial dehydration.