The Main Features of PP Melt Blown Filter Cartridge Machine

- May 11, 2018-

At present, when manufacturing PP melt blown filter cartridge machine, different production equipments are needed. For example, there is currently a production equipment that uses a unilateral three nozzle design, which is one of the mainstream equipment for PP filter production. In actual production, this PP meltblown filter core machine is very reliable and stable, and it has strong anti-interference performance, product adjustment is convenient, the unit cost is low, and it is suitable for production of various PP filter elements.


Under normal circumstances, the production of the PP melt blown filter cartridge machine has a high production capacity and can significantly improve the production quality. Next we briefly introduce the main performance features of the device:


First, the device uses a very advanced design. In fact, in the production process of the PP melt blown filter cartridge machine, in particular, the gradual-diameter process principle is used, and the integrated material temperature control, independent material metering and dispensing and spinneret segmentation adjustment can accurately control the amount of material to be extruded. And temperature, to meet the complex process of filter production;


Second, the PP melt blown filter cartridge machine not only ensures the quality of the product, but also consumes less energy. This is because the device uses an electric heating temperature control system and an excellent heat insulation design, which effectively reduces heat loss and reduces energy consumption.


Third, the operability is good and it has a high level of automation. This is because the PP meltblown filter core machine is specially equipped with independent control cabinet integrated control and alarm output of a full set of production lines, and can display the working status of various components, observe the operation status of the equipment at any time, and can also use the color touch screen + PLC control system The user-friendly multi-language operation interface makes parameter setting more simple and clear. In the production process, from the material feeding, material heating, flow control, to filter receiving, cutting, size detection, etc., can be set according to production requirements, greatly reducing the cost of manual maintenance;


Fourth, the device itself also has relatively complete security protection. For example, in the PP melt blown filter cartridge machine, over-temperature protection, high-pressure alarm, motor protection, and automatic cutting protection system are specially set to ensure safe production.