The main structure of horizontal spiral centrifuge

- Jun 25, 2020-

Horizontal spiral centrifuge is composed of frame, hood, main bearing, rotating drum, screw, differential, drive system, control system and safety protection system.
1. Rack:
The frame is a steel frame with a shock-absorbing pad at the bottom, which can be directly placed on the foundation. The main and auxiliary motors are installed on the main and auxiliary drive ends of the frame, and the feed pipe is fixed on one end of the frame.
2. Hood:
The hood is a cylindrical surface that can be opened and closed, and the drum and the spiral rotate inside the hood. The lower half of the hood is fixed on the frame, and is equipped with a slag discharge port and a liquid discharge port. The hood is equipped with a partition and a baffle ring.
3. Main bearing:
The bearing seats equipped with main bearings are respectively fixed at both ends of the frame, supporting the weight of the entire rotor, and one of the bearings simultaneously serves as the axial positioning of the rotor. The lubrication methods of the main bearing are grease lubrication and thin oil lubrication.
4. Drum:
The rotating drum is composed of a large end cover shaft, a straight rotating drum, a cone rotating drum, and a small end cover shaft. The bottom of the drum cone section has a slag discharge port for discharging solid phase materials in the circumferential direction, a liquid discharge port for discharging liquid phase materials at the end surface of the large end cover shaft, and the main bearing is installed on the large and small end cover shafts.
The drum body is a whole, with high concentricity, small vibration, and higher strength and rigidity. Reduce the disturbance to the air and reduce the noise during work.
5. Spiral:
The screw is installed inside the rotating drum and is coaxial with the rotating drum, and bearing sets at both ends are provided so that it can rotate flexibly with respect to the rotating drum. The middle of the spiral is provided with a material distribution cavity, and a feed inlet is evenly opened along the circumferential direction. The output power of the main motor is transferred to the rotating drum, and the output power of the auxiliary motor is transferred to the spiral through the differential, and the speed of the main and auxiliary motors is adjusted by two frequency converters to change the differential speed. A
When there is a certain speed difference between the screw and the drum, the solid material deposited on the wall of the drum moves to the bottom of the cone end of the drum under the action of the screw, and then is dewatered by the cone section of the drum, and then discharged from the slag discharge port. Discharge the drum.
6. Differential:
A two-stage planetary gear differential is used to provide power to the screw.
7. Drive system:
Adopt dual motor and dual frequency conversion drive system.
8. Control system:
Using PLC control.
9. Security protection system:
It is composed of overload protection of main motor, moderate spiral load and emergency stop.