The performance characteristics and application area of the melt spinning cartridge

- Nov 02, 2017-

The  melt spinning cartridge is a kind of pipe core, which is manufactured by non-toxic, tasteless polypropylene particle through heating melting, spinneret, traction, acceptance forming. If the raw material is mainly polypropylene, it can be called PP melt spinning cartridge. The melt spinning cartridge is not only used in water purification batch, but also has outstanding chemical compatibility, which is suitable for the filtration of strong acid, strong alkali and organic solvent. It has the advantages of high pollution capacity, long service life and low cost.


The performance characteristics of the melt spinning cartridge

1.Use polypropylene as raw material, the continuous polypropylene long fiber produced by melt blowing process is wound

2.High filtration precision, large flow, uniform structure, large sewage and long service life.

3.Have good chemical compatibility, no additives. And the fiber is not easy to fall off.

4.Wide application.

5.High dirt interception ability: To realize the effect of the real particulate matter according to the density gradation in the whole filter element, so that the effect of the filter element can be fully played. Higher dirt capacity means long service life and low replacement frequency and cost savings. The surface density of the filter element is low, and the density increases gradually from the surface to the center of the filter element. There is no surface blind spot to reduce the flow rate of the filter and to increase the replacement frequency.

6.Pure polypropylene structure: high temperature bonding fiber. Do not contain moisturizing agent, antistatic agent and binder, etc. A wide range of chemical resistance. Easy to deal with when it is burned into ash. Complying with the requirements of the food and beverage industry of FDA. No soluble matter and release will be produced.


The application area of the melt spinning cartridge

Pharmaceutical industry:Pre-filtering of various injections, bottle-washing water, infusion solutions,various antibiotics and traditional Chinese medicine injection.

Food service industry:Filtering of the intoxicating liquor,beverage and drinking water.

Electronic industry:Pre-filtering of pure water and hyperpure water.

Petroleum and chemical industry: Filtering of various organic solvents, acid liquor, alkali liquor and oil-field flooding.


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