The performance structure and technical advantages of volute sludge dewatering machine

- May 04, 2018-

From a whole point of view, the current high quality volute sludge dewatering machine equipment has shown good performance characteristics in practical applications. Under normal Chen species, the equipment is free of fouling, anti-wear, low loss, low energy consumption, stable operation reliable. From this, it can be seen that the emergence of Shallow Loose Sludge Dewatering Machine equipment also eliminates the problems that have occurred in conventional equipment such as clogging, and has achieved a highly efficient and energy-saving dehydration target.


The main performance characteristics of the volute sludge dewatering machine can be summarized as follows: The equipment itself combines a fully automatic control system, a flocculation mixing tank, a sludge concentration and dewatering body and a filtrate tank, and can maintain a fully automatic operation state. The equipment realizes efficient flocculation, and completes the sludge concentration and dewatering work continuously, and finally returns or discharges the collected filtrate.


The structural principle of the volute sludge dewatering machine: From the analysis of the structural composition, the main body of the equipment is actually a filter device formed by a fixed ring and a moving ring stacked on each other and a screw shaft passing through it. A lot of small active filter joints are formed between the fixed ring and the moving ring. Filtrate is filtrated, and the inner cavity formed by the screw shaft and the ring piece is filled with flocculation particles, which are transported to the end back pressure plate to form a mud cake. As the screw shaft rotates and drives, it continuously drives the upper and lower movements of the swimming ring to clean and filter the seam to prevent clogging.


The principle of dewatering of the superfluous screw sludge dewatering machine is analyzed from the operating state of the equipment. When the sludge has been concentrated by gravity in the concentrated area, it is transported to the dehydration department. During the progress, the filter joint and the pitch are gradually Smaller, and under the pressure of the back pressure plate, resulting in a great internal pressure, the volume continues to shrink to achieve the purpose of full dehydration.


The technical advantage of volute sludge dewatering machine: For users, the structure design of this equipment is very advanced, plus it also has precise mechanical design and technology, making it have good application performance. The equipment can realize direct dehydration at a low concentration and reduce the cost of infrastructure construction. Moreover, during operation, the super screw dewatering machine has low noise, low energy consumption, automatic control, and simple operation and management.