The PP melt blown filter cartridge machine overcomes the disadvantages of the traditional filter element equipment

- Dec 07, 2017-

In order to meet the requirements of the filter cartridge in the filter, a PP melt blown filter cartridge machine was developed. It can fold the filter material into the forming, and the melt adhesive is executed in equal-distance. This is to increase the filter area of the filter product, reduce the air resistance, and extend the service life of the filter products.


In the past, the filter element is usually made by the combination of upper and lower blades, and by imitating the method of folding by hand. Not only can not size before folding, but also has low productivity. And it can not produce the filter element made of the ultra-fine glass fiber material.


The appearance of the PP melt blown filter cartridge machine overcomes the above-mentioned shortcomings. It is mainly composed of stacking parts, roll indentation parts, spray adhesive, cooling parts, forming and material receiving parts. Each part of the components are matched together in a reasonable way to play a role in producing the filter element.


For example, the PP melt blown filter cartridge machine material roll parts include the filter material volume and several guide roll, the material guide roller that can drive the filter material roll. The coil indentation part is controlled by AC frequency modulation motor, driven by the transmission wheel and stepless speed transmission, so that a pair of indentation rolls with convex and concave teeth are rotated on the circumference.


In summary, compared with the traditional production equipment and process, PP melt blown filter cartridge machine realizes sizing and forming, and shows the advantages of high productivity, low equipment noise, easy operation adjustment, and beautiful products. And it can produce a variety of filter media.