The principle of uranium enrichment in decanter centrifuge

- Oct 10, 2020-

What is the uranium enrichment principle of the decanter centrifuge? The uranium enrichment decanter centrifuge mainly uses a decanter centrifuge to produce enriched uranium.

The technology for purifying enriched uranium by enriched uranium decanter centrifuges is more complicated. The main methods currently used to purify uranium include gas centrifugation, distillation, electrolysis, electromagnetic method, and current method. Uranium hexafluoride gas is compressed through a series of high-speed rotating cylinders, or centrifuges. The gas enriched near the axis is exported and transported to another decanter centrifuge for further separation.

As the gas passes through a series of decanters, its uranium-235 isotope molecules are gradually enriched. Compared with the gas diffusion method, the gas centrifugation method requires much less electrical energy, so this method has been adopted by most new enrichment plants. These two isotopes are uniformly mixed and dispersed together, and it is necessary to increase the proportion of U235 for fission reaction. The purified uranium is called enriched uranium.