The problem needing attention in the process of using filter element.

- Apr 26, 2017-

Usually the filter in the process of use, always give you a puzzle, the filter should not be replaced. The quality of the filter element is good or bad, how to judge in the end. According to our many years of industry experience, from the following situation to analyze the:
When the filter cartridge is changed.
Many users will think that the filter's bypass valve and the system's safety valve has the same function: Filter plug after the bypass valve opened, the system of oil flow through the whole, no impact on the system, this is a wrong understanding. When the filter's bypass valve opened, the filter blocked pollutants (contaminated particles filtered out) will pass through the bypass valve to re-enter the system, at this time the local oil pollution concentration is the highest, the hydraulic components have great damage, the previous pollution control will also lose significance. Unless the system requires a very high continuity of work, it is best to choose a filter without bypass valve. Even if the selection of a filter with a bypass valve, when the filter pollution plug the inquiry, also to promptly clean or replace the filter, which is to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the system. In fact, when the filter is found to have blocked alarm, it has been explained, the filter cartridge should be changed. Insist on not change, only to the equipment caused certain damage, conditions permitting, the proposal to replace immediately.
How the filter element is good quality
Many users because there is no oil pollution detection equipment, the use of filter life to determine the performance of the filter. With the filter plugging speed, the performance of the good and bad, both of these concepts are one-sided. Because the filtration performance of filter mainly by filtration ratio, sewage capacity, original pressure loss and other performance indicators to reflect, only in the same working conditions and ensure the hydraulic system cleanliness requirements, the longer the service life, the better.
Also have users think the precision of the better quality, of course, the idea is one-sided, filter precision is too refined, of course, filter blocking effect is better, but at the same time can cause traffic to meet the requirements, and filter plug will be faster. So, precision is the best use of work.