The role of decanter centrifuge in sludge dewatering

- Dec 24, 2020-

The process of sludge dewatering is mostly heating and transpiration. The method is usually to use a horizontal screw centrifuge, etc., which dehydrate and dry the material in a large area, thereby reducing the moisture content of the material. The traditional method of sludge separation is easy to cause environmental pollution and at the same time consumes a lot of materials. And it is very bad for environmental protection, both from the perspective of economic benefit and environmental protection.

In comparison, a horizontal screw centrifuge can easily handle such problems. The manufactured fertilizer can be reused, and there is no environmental pollution. Regarding heavy sludge dewatering projects, we will recommend the use of horizontal screw centrifuges as the primary sludge treatment tool.

When the whole set of equipment is running dry and the inlet and outlet ports are closed, the test in the manufacturer shows that the uniform noise at 1 meter around the equipment will not exceed 85dB. When the centrifuge is idling, without water, and tested in the manufacturer, the vibration will not be higher than 5mm/S. When the machine is running, if the oscillation is too large, to ensure safety, it can be stopped by the oscillation switch.

There is no need to disassemble the machine for material blocking problems, just start the screw pusher device to automatically discharge the slag and remove the accumulated material. When the horizontal screw centrifuge is stopped, backwashing is required. Backwashing can be completed by opening the flushing water valve and flushing pump. The centrifuge is equipped with maintenance functions such as emergency shutdown, motor overheating/overload, screw pusher overload, bearing temperature, oscillation, etc.