The role of the spiral in the separation process of the decanter centrifuge

- Jan 02, 2021-

For equipment such as horizontal screw centrifuges, there are several more important parts in it, which are responsible for different missions. The screw is one of the main components of the horizontal screw centrifuge, which is related to the production capacity of the equipment and the operation function.

Why does it have such an important mission? This is because when the horizontal screw centrifuge is operating, the work it performs is more important, and the sediment that settles on the inside of the rotating drum needs to be continuously transported out and discharged outside. Nowadays, there are many types of spirals on the market. Therefore, for different equipment, you can freely choose the appropriate spiral for deployment.
However, the spiral is mainly divided into two categories. One type is countercurrent, and the second is downstream. Using the former horizontal screw centrifuge, its feeding chamber is located at the center of the spiral, that is, next to the gap between the dry zone and the sedimentation zone, so that the liquid phase has more sedimentation moments, and the solid phase can only stay The time it takes for it to pass through the cone requires a relatively large centrifugal force; otherwise, the material may enter the drum, which will cause the originally settled solid particles to remix, and turbulence and additional eddies will occur, which will affect the separation of solids and liquids.

As for the horizontal screw centrifuge using the latter, generally speaking, the feeding port is located at one end of the rotating drum. The advantage of this setting is to deal with the turbulence problem, so that the sediment is not disturbed. Settling is possible, which ensures a better settling effect, and then the separation condition is better. And it will not be disturbed, only a small amount of flocculant needs to be used, so the utilization rate of the equipment will be ensured.

After the above comparison, we can find that the two can actually be used in different occasions. For example, if it is a horizontal spiral centrifuge with a downstream spiral structure, it is more suitable for the solid-liquid density difference to be small, the solid phase sedimentation function is poor, and the solid phase Difficult to separate materials with low content, and can also be used for sludge dewatering.