The speed of volute dehydrator needs reasonable regulation

- May 29, 2018-

Each kind of equipment has its own suitable technical parameters, and it is also the same for volute dehydrators. Speed, as one of its important parameters, will affect the actual actual dewatering performance, so it must be adjusted reasonably. Usually we will understand that the higher the speed of the scroll dehydrator, the better the dewatering effect can be achieved.


At present, the speed of the volute dehydrator on the market is mainly about 1000 rpm, but this is the actual speed of the conventional model, the so-called conventional model is the use of cone body fixed, the inner cylinder can not be removed and the volute under a certain height dehydration machine. In other words, if the user chooses a special structure of the scroll dehydrator, the corresponding speed will not be so high.


The main reason is that when the structure of the volute dehydrator changes, the center of gravity of the machine shifts. In order to ensure the safety of use, the rotation speed is slightly lower. However, the current speed of the scroll dehydrator on the market is generally higher, mainly due to its small capacity or structural advantages.


For scroll dehydrators using direct-drive motors, the speed is in a fixed range and cannot be adjusted. If you want to adjust the speed, you need to install an inverter. Through the addition of the frequency converter, real-time adjustment of the machine speed can be achieved and the dewatering effect can be enhanced.


In a certain sense, the addition of the frequency converter can also play a positive role in the protection of the dehydrator motor, prolong service life, reduce machine noise, and so on. However, we still remind users that for the scroll dehydrator, it is not necessarily the higher the speed, the better, because when the rotation speed increases, the machine's dehydration performance can be improved. However, it will directly cause the vibration of the machine and the problem of severe shaking.


This is why the speed of each volute dehydrator is different. At the same time, we must also remind the users that the protection of medicine must change the pole number of the scroll dehydrator without authorization, so as to avoid unnecessary breakdowns, we must ensure that the volute The safe and stable operation of the dehydrator.