The superiority and advancement of the PP winding filter cartridge machine

- Dec 14, 2017-

The application of the PP winding filter cartridge machine helps people realize the continuous automatic production of filter cartridges. Compared with the intermittent filter production mode, the continuous production of infinite length filter greatly reduces the production raw material consumption, and has the characteristics of high productivity, low power consumption, low loss, simple operation and so on.


In the use process, the PP raw material can be heated and melted in the screw extruding machine only by feeding the PP raw material into the screw extruding machine by an automatic feeding device, and meanwhile, the PP raw material is not conveyed to a melt filter to filter out impurities in the melt. The melt enters the distributor and is quantitatively and evenly distributed to the two flame spray dies on the left and right sides by a gear wheel metering pump.


The small holes of the die head of the PP winding filter cartridge machine are extruded, and the high-temperature and high-speed air flow provided by the air compressor and the air heater is strongly drawn into superfine short fibers and is received and molded by the left and right filter cartridge receiving devices. Different fiber densities and wall thicknesses are obtained by adjusting process parameters, and then the melt-blown filter core products are cut by a fixed scale.


Because of the rationality of the structure design of the PP winding filter cartridge  machine and the cooperation of new heaters, the installation capacity is greatly reduced, thus reducing the production cost of products. Secondly, by improving the key parts of PP winding filter cartridge machine, the commercial control unit is adopted to improve the stability and reliability of the core, thus ensuring the product quality.


More attention is paid to the high-precision control technology such as frequency conversion, PID regulation of solid state electric relay and pneumatic in PP winding filter cartridge machine, which is a powerful guarantee to improve the precision and stability of equipment operation and process control. With the above advantages, PP winding filter element machine is widely used in the continuous production of filter element.