The use of solid-liquid separation centrifuge effect and service life

- Feb 02, 2018-

Solid-liquid separation centrifuge at the time of the use of slag separation speed is very fast, when used in the separation of the dregs after the water content of 50-60%, the amount of slag and water content can be adjusted for different components Of feed (such as grass and concentrate feed), easy to transport, and its grain is suitable as a raw material for fish feed and organic fertilizer.

The advanced nature of the solid-liquid separation centrifuge, in the use of a very strong decontamination capability, in the use of non-clogging and easy to clean and other advantages, the entire device after its treatment of solid waste water, chemical oxygen demand, Total oxygen consumption, nitrogen, phosphorus removal rate can be between 70-95%.

The durability of solid-liquid separation centrifuge, when used in the series of machine frame, screen frame, screen and other stainless steel and anti-corrosion treatment made of corrosion-resistant, high strength, long service life. The high degree of automation of the entire equipment, low power consumption, low prices. Easy to operate Just press the start stop button to operate.

The use of solid-liquid separation centrifuge effect

In the process of using the solid-liquid separator can make the fresh sewage in the manure into valuable fish feed or organic fertilizer, after the separation of sewage into the digester intermittently, so that the anaerobic tank can have a full Digestion time. The pool of active species breed more exuberant, f higher gas production. Gas methane and natural high temperament purity will naturally overcome. Solve the problem of abnormal working of biogas generator.

Sewage after the treatment of solid-liquid separator into the digester. Can effectively solve the digester crust phenomenon, eliminating the need to clean up the work of biogas residue.