The workflow and product features of PP winding filter cartridge production line

- Jun 29, 2018-

During the operation of the PP winding filter cartridge production line, the 100% drawing grade polypropylene is automatically fed into the extruder through an automatic feeder, and the extruder heats and melts the PP particles to a liquid state. Then the compressed air is sent to the oven by the air compressor and the air tank. The heated air is pressed to melt the molten polypropylene material from the nozzle to form a filament.


With the operation of the production line, the level of the discharged filaments reaches the screw of the winding equipment, the screw continues to rotate and forms the filter element, and the filter element automatically reaches the automatic cutting machine of the PP winding filter cartridge production line. The automatic cutting machine can be arbitrarily requested by the customer. Cut the desired length.


The wire wound filter produced by using the PP winding filter cartridge production line belongs to a deep type filter, which is mainly used for the filtration of low viscosity and low impurity quality. It is made of textile fiber line, polypropylene line, and cotton wool line. In the production process of the PP wound filter production line, the pore size of the honeycomb structure of the wound filter element is evenly distributed, and the filter holes are from the inside to the outside, from small to large, to ensure that the filtering effect is stable and reliable.