Troubleshooting of Horizontal Screw Centrifuge

- Sep 22, 2020-

After the horizontal screw centrifuge has been working for a period of time, some unexpected situations will inevitably occur. Of course, if we want to save time, then we need to check and repair it ourselves. Under normal circumstances, the failure of the horizontal screw centrifuge includes different situations. Today we will select a few more common problems to explain to you, hoping to help you.
When the horizontal spiral centrifuge rotates, there is a serious vibration situation, and it is accompanied by a large noise. For this situation, we recommend the treatment method: correct the main shaft of the equipment, or replace it with a new one . And if the motor of the equipment cannot reach the set speed, the bearing should be cleaned and the voltage of the equipment should be adjusted appropriately.
If the water temperature sensor of the horizontal screw centrifuge fails, the measures to be taken are:
1. Use rust remover to clean the joints;
2. Replace with new pins. If the power is turned on or the motor does not rotate, then we need to use a multi-function meter to detect the internal circuit of the device, and if necessary, replace the plug with a new socket.
In addition, if during the rotation of the horizontal screw centrifuge, the motor temperature is found to be too high. In this case, we need to take the following measures: check the relevant load. If the check confirms that there is no operational problem, we need to contact the professional for repair in time. After the equipment is repaired, it can be used.
The failure of the horizontal screw centrifuge actually includes many different situations. As a staff member, you should pay attention to the working condition of the horizontal screw centrifuge during daily operation, and try to avoid unexpected situations. For some simpler problems, we can try to solve them by ourselves.