Two aspects of quality identification of PP filter cartridge making machine

- Apr 05, 2019-

PP filter cartridge making machine may not be particularly familiar to everyone, or even understand its role, the quality of the filter directly affects the effect of filtration, so learn to distinguish the quality of its production equipment - PP filter manufacturing machine. The quality of the PP filter manufacturing machine begins with the filter material.


The main filter material of the air filter is filter paper. Today, the filter paper is mainly made of domestic paper and imported paper. Both domestic and imported paper have good filtering performance, and the inferior filter paper used in the counterfeit filter can not prevent dust from entering the engine, thus affecting the engine. normal work. The filter paper of the general authentic filter has the same color and the paper surface is relatively flat.


Today, the construction of the PP filter manufacturing machine is generally composed of filter paper and rubber, and the gel of the true and false filter is also different. The rubber filter of the genuine filter has good texture and elasticity, while the fake filter rubber is soft and has a poor texture. The easier way to distinguish is to fold the air filter in half. After the loosening, the genuine filter element will quickly return to its original shape. The fake filter element has a bad adhesion to the filter paper due to the rubber texture problem, and the middle mark of the folded half is obvious.