Type of CTO activated carbon Machine

- May 15, 2018-

Activated carbon filter element is made of activated carbon filter with activated carbon particles. The innermost layer of the filter element is the polypropylene skeleton, which is used to strengthen the pressure resistance of the filter core. There are two layers of polypropylene fiber felt on the bone shelf, which can hold the liquid through the carbon core and bring out particles larger than 10 microns. The outer layer of carbon core has two layers of polypropylene ultrafine fiber felt, which can hold the particles larger than 10-20 microns in the liquid, so that the filter has the dual function of filtration and purification. The outermost layer is white plastic mesh, which makes the filter have a complete appearance and clean appearance. The two ends of the filter are equipped with a soft finishing rubber end cover, so that the filter cartridge can be loaded into the filter cartridge with good tightness. The finished activated carbon filter is sealed tightly with plastic film to prevent the filter element from being polluted and keep the filter element fresh.

Activated carbon filter products have two main types: compression activated carbon filter core, bulk activated carbon filter element.

The type 1 of activated carbon filter element and the compressed activated carbon filter adopt high adsorption value of coal activated carbon and coconut shell activated carbon as the filter material, and the food grade adhesive sintering and compression forming. Compression activated carbon filter inside and outside are wrapped in a layer of filtering effect of non-woven fabric, to ensure that the core itself does not drop carbon powder, carbon core ends with soft nitrile butadiene rubber gasket, make carbon core cartridge is loaded with good sealing.

Activated carbon filter equipment type 2, bulk type activated carbon filter will need the activated carbon particles in the special plastic casing, the end cover with welding equipment in the shell of the two ends, at both ends of the shell are respectively in the filtering effect of non-woven filter, make sure it won't drop carbon core in the use of carbon powder and blackwater. According to customer's requirement, shell end cover can be used for different types of connection. The interface method is: flat pressure type, pipeline type (model: 4042, 4044, 4046, etc.)