Usage Characteristics and Design Requirements of Oilfield Drilling Mud Decanter Centrifuge

- Feb 05, 2018-

Oilfield drilling mud decanter centrifuge has the advantages of good material adaptability, compact structure, small area and large single production capacity when it is used. The drilling mud sedimentation centrifuge of the oilfield can be operated continuously and sealed to some extent without filter cloth Cleaning and replacement advantages

Oilfield drilling mud decanter centrifuge is a kind of solid-liquid separation machinery, which has a wide range of applications in petroleum, chemical, light industry, food, mining, environmental protection and other industries product separation, particle size classification, sludge dewatering. Mainly by the formation of the centrifugal force field of the drum, dumping with a screw conveyor, so that the spiral dextrum between the drum and the differential rotation of the differential to produce AIDS, and to collect the separation of the chassis and other components.

Oilfield drilling mud decanter centrifuge in the use of its main feature is the material is added by the middle of the centrifuge, settling and separation fluid countercurrent line drum cone part of only a cone angle. This single-cone countercurrent decanter decanter centrifuge, the separation of solid-phase particles smaller solid-liquid phase density difference smaller difficult to separate the material, due to the need to use a longer settling zone, a smaller cone angle and make the drum Longer, a higher separation factor is required to overcome the perturbation of the settled fine particles by the feed.

Oilfield drilling mud decanter centrifuge in the design process is mainly through the removal of the differential, in the use of its effective rotation of the drum and the screw conveyor with two variable frequency motor to drive, resulting in machinery The power needed to run. Variable motor has the characteristics of programmable automatic operation, while the belt is not easy to be confused, so the drum and the altar screw John the difference between the speed of the machine can be adjusted to change the motor, but also to achieve Promise speed regulation .