Volute screw press operation precautions and operating requirements

- May 16, 2018-

During the working process of the volute spiral compressor, the volume between the gears will gradually expand as the rotor rotates. It will, to a certain extent, communicate with the inlet port on the lower left side of the machine. When operating, the gas passes through the hole. The mouth enters the elementary volume.

The spiral screw press of the volute begins in the process of air intake. After the rotor rotates to a certain angle during operation, the base volume of the gear exceeds the position of the air inlet opening, and is disconnected from the air inlet opening when used. At the end of the intake process, after the rotor turns to a certain angle, the two isolated tooth-to-tooth-to-tooth-element-volumes intrude into the female screw of the female screw due to the convex teeth of the male screw, and the volume of the element begins to shrink at the same time, achieving a gas compression process.

During the operation of the scroll screw compressor, until the moment when a pair of the cell volume and the vent hole communicate with each other, the venting process starts after the cell volume is communicated with the vent hole during operation. The gas process continues until the two teeth are fully meshed, ie the two cell volumes are equal to zero when the two rotors are fully meshed.

During the working process of the volute spiral compressor, the volume between the teeth of the volute unit will gradually expand as the rotor rotates during operation, and communicates with the inlet port at the lower left of the machine. Gas enters through the orifice. Elementary volume.

Volute screw press operation attention

First, before the start of the operation

1. Check to see if the valve in each position is in the correct position.

2. Check that all protective devices and safety accessories are in good condition.

3. Check whether the lubricant surface meets the standard.

Second, the operation steps

1. The volute screw press first presses the air dryer "ON" button during the operation, and then allows the air dryer to operate for more than 5 minutes. Observe whether the dryer operates normally and smoothly.

2. Press the air compressor "Start" button (or "*" key).

3. Slowly open the exhaust valve to fully open.

Third, shut down

1. Press the air compressor "Stop" button (or "o" button).

2. Press the air dryer "OFF" button.

3. Close the exhaust valve.