What about the PP spun filter cartridge machine itself and its products?

- Dec 09, 2017-

As the complete set of equipment of PP spun filter cartridge, PP spun filter cartridge machine can produce high-quality PP spun filter cartridge in a special way. The PP spun filter cartridge machine is an ideal filter element production equipment because the products can meet the relevant standards, such as structure, appearance, quality and precision.


PP spun filter cartridge machine in the production process, mainly uses fiber-grade polypropylene as raw material. The melt index of the material is 30 - 180, which provides a good foundation for forming high-quality filter core products. The mechanical production mode makes the daily output of PP spun filter cartridge as high as 6000 - 6500pcs. Of course, this also depends on the raw materials, product specifications, environmental temperature and so on.


On the basis of high yield, the energy consumption of PP spun filter cartridge machine is very low. Compared with the traditional equipment, the energy-saving purpose is better achieved. And its voltage requirements are not high, the normal is 380V, 50 Hz, which enhances the adaptability of the equipment, can be used in various occasions.


Products produced by the PP spun filter cartridge machine production , from the point of view of quality structure, is a progressive structure from the outside to the inside of the depth of the filter. And the product specifications are various, the length can be flexibly adjusted, and the filtering requirements under different working conditions are met.


In addition, filter element produced by the PP spinning filter element machine can achieve different appearance effect, such as embossing, steel tank, acupuncture, orange skin-core, lettering core, precision can also be divided into different levels, which greatly improves the value of the filter element and expands its later application range.